Can cats eat human food?


Cats are carnivores, so they can’t eat human food.

   Cats are carnivores, so they can’t eat human food. Cats are strict carnivores, meaning they need to eat meat in order to live. They can’t digest plant-based food sources like vegetables and grains, which humans need to survive.

   Cats are carnivores and as such they need meat in their diet. However, they can also eat some human food. Cats should not eat any human food that contains sugar, salt or fat.


Some human foods that cats can eat include:

– Fish

– Eggs

– Vegetables

– Fruit

Cats are carnivores and they eat meat. They have a high requirement for protein, fat, and taurine.

   Dogs are omnivores and can digest a wider range of foods. Cats cannot digest carbohydrates well which is why it is not recommended to feed them human food.

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